Intro To Retraining Your Brain - Webinar by Heather Deranja

Intro To Retraining Your Brain - Webinar

The roadmap to unlocking higher consciousness and shifting subconscious patterning for lifelong health and happiness

Answering your biggest question: "Why can't I stick with it?"

Have you ever wondered why you just can't stick with that diet or exercise program? Why you find yourself constantly starting over and never really making progress? It's often chalked up to "poor willpower", but it goes much deeper than that...

Our bodies are addicted to our emotional states, whether they're good or bad.

We are more chemically attached to our bodies than we think, often making present day choices based upon messages that are seated in the past.

Your most profound core beliefs are formed in early childhood, and then continue to rule your behaviors and decisions in adulthood.

It's not so much about "willpower" as it is undoing the years of subconscious patterns that keep you trapped in negative behavior loops.

This course will teach you how this happened, and what you can DO about it now to set yourself free from your old patterns, and actually move forward into creating a life you love. One that feels centered, balanced, healthy and nourished in all aspects.

Changing the way you think about your health in just 90 minutes...

  • What we "think" makes us healthy vs. what actually creates overall health and wellness
  • The impacts of negative thought patterns on the body and mind
  • How to lower cortisol levels to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How to make your actions meet your intentions
  • How to protect your energy and release old patterns and programming that keep you stuck
  • Creating conscious eating, conscious movement and conscious sleep behaviors
  • One Week Challenge with downloadable guides and resources

"Research shows the power of mindfulness, including mindful eating, in lowering stress responses and managing inflammation."