21 Days to Conscious Eating by Heather Deranja

21 Days to Conscious Eating

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life & Body of Your Dreams

Develop a Deeper Connection to Your Mind, Body & Soul

The purpose of the program is to:
  • Boost immune system and reduce risk of disease
  • Optimize digestion and gut health
  • Enhance energy and alertness 
  • Diminish anxiety and depression
  • Cultivate self-acceptance and emotional well-being
  • Promote longevity and vitality

What is Conscious Eating?

Conscious eating is activating the mind, body and soul through food or other substances necessary for growth, health, vitality and to restore the body back to life and consciousness.
To be conscious is to be AWARE, especially of something within yourself. Through conscious eating, you will cultivate self-awareness and develop a deeper connection to your mind, body and soul.

By lovingly putting foods into your body, you allow yourself to THRIVE. When you consciously eat with gratitude, you enhance your foods flavor and nutrition, raise your positive vibration and develop a healthy relationship to your body.

Conscious eating encourages you to look at how your nourish yourself beyond just food, and understand how that impacts your overall well-being.
This program is your body’s owner’s manual to becoming your own health expert.

Instead of "diets" and the seemingly never-ending fads that only end in frustration and defeat, you will learn how to connect with your own body cues to understand what you need to feel nourished and alive.

Conscious eating is free of restriction, counting macros, shame, and feelings of guilt about food. When you understand how to eat consciously, you can understand that food is meant to nourish, energize and revive instead of something to be controlled or to fear.

Through conscious eating, you not only nourish the body, but take radical responsibility for yourself by embracing 100% responsibility and ownership of each and every circumstance you face, day in and day out of your life. 

How Does This Program Work?

In 21 days, you will learn how to become your own health expert.

This is a 3-phase system that will take you through the process of detoxification, conscious eating and becoming the expert of yourself and your body.

The first phase eliminates the most common food sources known to cause inflammation and disease in the body. This is where you will learn to detoxify the body in a healthy way, restore gut health and set the stage for true conscious eating. You must first get rid of any impurities and activate the body to reach its highest potential.

The second phase is to nourish the mind, body and soul with good nutrition and lifestyle habits. In this phase you will be given your meal plan with plenty of recipe options (all food is gluten and dairy free and there are options for vegan/plant-based eating). You will also continue to nourish your mind and soul through other lifestyle habits during this phase, developing a deeper connection to yourself.

The third phase is a period of reintroducing the food sources that were eliminated, and you will see how your body responds to them. This phase will give you the knowledge and understanding of your own body and how to keep yourself in a state of thriving beyond the 21 days. By this point, you will be equipped with the knowledge and power to own your own health with confidence and ease.


After you join for free, you will receive an email with everything you need to get started!

The program was scheduled to start March 28th, however due to recent global events, it is postponed until further notice (Hopefully April/May), but still sign up now so you can get inside the Facebook group!

The program is facilitated virtually, and you will be invited to join a private Facebook community where you will get daily videos, tips and support from myself and others in the community.

You will also receive your 21-day program in PDF (digital) format. The program is complete with everything you need including a 3-phase system, meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, lifestyle guides and so much more!

This program will be done WITH MY SUPPORT the entire time via videos and the Facebook group.

You will walk away feeling fit & fabulous for life!